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What we offer to GAMING :

  • FLEXIBILITY: We're ready to work with you to develop solutions to your specific needs. Everyone has different goals and priorities - we are here to help with that.
  • SMALL ORDER QUANTITIES: Minimize your risk and commitment with the option of a smaller order quantity that suits your needs. 
  • GLOBAL SHIPPING: We're committed to providing a service that makes it easy to get your merchandise produced and delivered. 
  • SUSTAINABLE RAW MATERIALS: It requires 10,000 litres of water to grow 1 kilogram of cotton, while bamboo requires up to 20x less water. We only produce what is needed and use renewable bamboo fibres in our products.
  • LOGISTICS SUPPORT: No problem, with the option to store your swag with TBô, we can deliver your apparel worldwide.
  • VALUE ADDED SERVICES: Sometimes it's better to just focus on what you do best and you can leave the headaches to us. TBô can fulfill your order processing, delivery and even deal with the customer service.
  • CUSTOMIZATION: We can co-develop products that cater to your community. 
  • SPEEDY TURNAROUND: We definitely know how tight deadlines can be, not to mention surprises that require speedy service. We're here to expedite that. 

What sets our clothing apart from other clothing companies?

We use BAMBOO-BASED Fabrics


Bamboo grows up to 30 inches a day and uses up to 20x less water compared to cotton and is not a synthetic material, like polyester.


Bamboo achieves an incredibly soft feel similar to synthetic fibres. but with no petrol used.

Durable Quality

TBô's fabrics are made to the highest standard of quality, making them durable while still being soft and lightweight.

Temperature Regulating

Wicks like your workout clothing. Stay cooler, longer, in the situations where you need it most.


Our fabric allows clothes to stay fresher for longer, significantly reducing odor from sweat.


Bamboo fabric is naturally breathable and allows moisture to evaporate quickly.

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The Bamboo Tee

TBô t-shirts are unique and offer a variety of blends that can give you both a comfortable everyday style or a more sporty design for jerseys.

Made from a high quality OEKO-TEX and ISO certified materials, anyone can feel the difference in comfort and build right from the first touch.

Made from bamboo-based sustainable raw materials.

The Gaming Sleeve

Designed by the Esports community, the TBô Gaming Sleeve was built with one thing in mind - performance.

The design of the sleeve, along with the natural bamboo fabric promotes blood flow while its smoothness gives you extra sliding ability to keep you agile.

The moisture-wicking technology keeps you going for hours while still keeping you cool.

Made from bamboo-based sustainable raw materials.

The Zipper Hoodie

Comfort from another realm! Available in both zip and pull-down formats, our hoodie offers a feel that is immediately noticeable.

It's unique features include cuff thumb holes to keep your hands warm, side pockets for extra storage and it's lightweight and durable material make it easy to pack when on-the-go.

Made from bamboo-based sustainable raw materials.

The Bamboo Sweater

Versatile, durable and ready to go!

This premium pullover sweatshirt features raglan-style sleeves, a classy round neck and decorative cross-stitching at the collar for everyday use.

Made from a high quality OEKO-TEX and ISO certified materials, anyone can feel the difference in comfort and build right from the first touch.

Made from bamboo-based sustainable raw materials.

The Bamboo Jogger

The perfect companion piece to The Bamboo Sweater, these joggers are made from the same premium quality bamboo blend fabric that is moisture wicking, temperature regulating, breathable and odor resistant.

It completes the perfect set to enjoy a day out, to the gym or just relaxing at home with family and friends - the perfect gift of comfort.

Made from bamboo-based sustainable raw materials.


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